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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Relieving strain in your movement - It is a way of moving through life that has immeasurable benefit, and is a primary principle taught by Dr. Feldenkrais. Here is a wonderful recording of this principle from Dr. Feldenkrais's last training in Amherst NY in the early 1980s, as he works with students in Awareness Through Movement training.

Apply it to all your activities and it WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, immeasurably.

These are Dr. F's spoken words:  

"Go slowly, slowly.
Make the movement easier and simpler,
until you feel that you are doing the right thing.
In other words, that you have eliminated
all unnecessary strains and pressures
and tensions and intentions to do things...
Do it slowly and gently, and you will all get there."

This is the essence of the Feldenkrais work.

Eliminate All Unnecessary Strains - Dr. Feldenkrais from Rob Black on Vimeo.

WHY and HOW:
Unconscious tension and muscle contractions contribute hugely to the lack of comfort we feel in our bodies.  This is so much true that our brains must tell our bodies this is our 'normal' state, and we begin to accept pain and discomfort as part of our everyday experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. The first step in a path toward feeling better in our bodies is self awareness.  My friend Michelle Turner says, "Take time to see how you feel, how you move." You must begin here.  And then the miracles follow!