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ABOUT Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement and Health

Hi, I'm Carole Bucher, teacher and owner of Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement.  I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Teacher; I graduated in early 2011 from the 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training Program at Feldenkrais Resources Training Institute in Berkeley, CA.

After living in the SF Bay Area for over 25 years, I moved to Reno. I have been teaching Awareness Through Movement® classes here since 2009 and giving Functional Integration lessons since 2011. I am the only guild-certified Feldenkrais teacher in Nevada teaching ongoing public Feldenkrais classes. 

I am vitally and deeply interested in working with people who wish to explore their movement patterns and discover what stands in the way of their desired improvement and goals in life.  I am also open and interested in applying the Feldenkrais principles to any physical challenge, including cancer and cancer recovery. I also have a special interest in scoliosis and the spine; the function of the pelvis as a center of movement power and health; how the pelvic floor system relates to issues of balance, breathing; uro-genital health and function, and working with equestrians in balance, breath, and clearing communication.

The Feldenkrais Method is one of the only self-empowering, non-drug, non-surgical ways for people to improve any and every aspect of their movement -- meaning vision, stability, balance, ease, comfort, range, grace and efficiency.

Dr. Feldenkrais developed his body of work based upon his understanding that everyone, at any age and in any condition, can optimize or improve their movement and function. This is true for people with injuries, children/adults with developmental issues, anyone with health conditions, poor movement habits or people who wish to improve their performance on the stage or in sport.  And not surprisingly, improving the efficiency of movement also has a huge impact in reducing pain.   

My desire is to introduce Feldenkrais to as many people as I can, and to make it affordable and accessible to those who want and need it.  Self study and personal exploration in this way can be truly life sustaining and life changing -- whether you undertake it to relieve pain, enhance function or capacity or to improve a health condition, or to improve your internal connections to yourself and your spirit -- you will find stability and consciousness in much more of your life, making it easier for you to thrive and do the things you value and love, for a longer time.

The Feldenkrais Method teaches slow, non-habitual movements, done with focused awareness and directed attention, which brings about a deeper sensing of your skeletal support. This sensing changes the way you connect to yourself, grounding and de-stressing your body and nervous system.  This new connection with yourself will improve your effectiveness in all your activities, and help you manage the physical and mental changes caused by living. You will develop a greater and continuing sense of comfort and well-being as you move and feel better and reconnect your body and brain.  I invite you to experience this for yourself. 

The current cost of Awareness Through Movement classes $12/drop-in class fee, or a no restriction, 10-class card for $100. Need-based senior and student discounts are also available.  Call me at 775-240-7882 if you have questions about classes or want information about Functional Integration lessons, or you may email me at 

New classes begin periodically when the need makes itself known. I will post updates on the top front page of this website and the right sidebar. Special classes and workshops on subjects such as scoliosis, TMJ, low back or shoulder issues, or improving performance in sport, are given from time to time and will be posted.  Please call or write me if you have an interest in a particular topic or want more detailed information about the Feldenkrais Method®, related subjects, classes or private lessons/sessions.

Best wishes for your wellness!