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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Reno Medical Doctor's Personal Experience with Feldenkrais

Although founded nearly 70 years ago and known worldwide, the Feldenkrais Method is not well known in Nevada.  Thus Dr. Feldenkrais's unique system of learning as change and improvement at any age, and how these ingenious yet simple, carefully structured movements act on the body and brain is what we want to convey.

Feldenkrais' early observations and work were the groundwork for neuroplasticity half a century before the technology existed to confirm brain changes! (See the YOUTUBE clip at bottom of this page for more information.)

Here is the experience of a Reno MD who has been been taking Feldenkrais classes and lessons from Reno Feldenkrais during the last year:

“I am a medical doctor and have been using the Feldenkrais Method personally for one year. I have attended classes and 2 workshops; while not having in depth understanding of the Feldenkrais method, I have found the lessons very beneficial. The success of this technique lies in the fact that it works from inside to out, and from the bottom up. In other words the awareness starts at an internal level (proprioceptors) in the muscle cells, joints, tendons, inner ear) and feeds back to the central nervous system/brain via the spinal cord. It thus bypasses some of the conscious awareness of movement, making it easier to progress--whether one is recovering from severe injuries, a stroke or trying to progress as a trained athlete. It eliminates the intellectual defense that often interferes with recovery and/or reaching higher levels of skill.

For myself, I struggle with severe arthritis and soft tissue injuries from 2 major motor vehicle accidents. Despite this, the Awareness Through Movement techniques in Feldenkrais classes and personal sessions, allow me to develop improved range of motion, increased flexibility, more energy, improved posture and a decrease in pain via retraining of my movements. The technique requires slow, small movements and is against inducing pain of any kind. Due to vast integration of eye and contralateral movements, the Feldenkrais curriculum/sessions stimulate right and left brain hemisphere integration, visual pathway feedback, etc. This is ultimately how the improved awareness arises. In short, the method utilizes our intuitive capacity to induce change, a quality we have all lost in our high tech, fast paced world.

It is truly an asset to now have 2 fully trained Feldenkrais instructors in the Reno, NV area. I thus hope more people take advantage of this opportunity. Even a once monthly attendance could prove beneficial.”

AM Waldron, MD

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feldenkrais for Seniors, People with Chronic Stress, Injuries or Impairment

You may be surprised to know that our movement patterns are more or less hardwired by the time we are in our 20s. As we grow older, these patterns become habitual, repetitive and narrow; aches and pains develop; we have injuries; our posture worsens. The proprioceptors in our joints, which tell our brains where we are in space and time, begin to fall asleep out of boredom! And this process decreases the conversation between body and brain, driving the lack of communication. Eventually our coordination, balance and movement may become very limited.

As Meriah Kruse, GCFP, states, "Wear and tear on our joints, injuries, long hours spent at a computer, carrying around children, or on the job slowly whittle away our uprightness and create a roundness in the shoulders, discomfort in the neck and low back. Knee and hip injuries or replacements complicate posture severely. And yet, through Feldenkrais lessons, you can dramatically improve your posture in a relatively short time, without surgery or painful invasion of any kind. You have to feel this for yourself to believe it." She has more to say...

How to Decrease Neck Pain
We tend to think that when our neck hurts, the problem is in our neck; and yet, this is rarely so. For a moment, think of the neck as the top of your vertical structure.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What is the Feldenkrais Method®?
At its most basic level, the Feldenkrais Method will improve your posture, balance, coordination and flexibility, making it possible for you to work and play more comfortably and productively for longer periods. You will feel stronger and "better in your own skin," as Dr. Andrew Weil says.

"Feldenkrais alleviates pain and tension by minimizing physiological and psychological stress associated with restricted functions. Inefficient patterns of movement can be improved; compromised self-expression and forgotten ways of feeling can be recovered. Ordinary problems associated with the work place or caused by injury, repetitive activities, and aging can be remedied." (Feldenkrais Inst of NY)

The structured, non-habitual movement sequences done in Awareness Through Movement® classes and individual, one on one, Functional Integration® lessons can improve your comfort, expand your activities and lengthen your work life, at nearly any age and condition.
Improved efficiency means more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life. Persons with orthopedic or neurological problems can experience dramatic change. Athletes, actors, dancers and musicians can substantially improve their performance with the Feldenkrais Method.”