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TESTIMONIALS - Life changing

Testimony From Local People:

Feldenkrais is in a class of its own.  I feel I've gained something incredible after every class.  I walk taller, my gait is graceful and Carole's voice and instruction guide me effortlessly to an awareness of my body I've never experienced before.  All these things lead to pain relief, improved strength and flexibility-Eilene Slesinger, Water Sales: Aquations, Reno, NV

I just love Feldenkrais! I really notice when I don't make it to class or do the exercises.  My scoliosis is better than it has ever been!  You are a wonderful teacher, Carole. - Jan Harris, IGT, Reno, NV

I have found both a method and teacher, a way out of pain, and a path to a better relationship with my body.  Feldenkrais is a practice that can radically alter how we live in our bodies.  Carole Bucher is a compassionate and skillful guide on the journey to healing. -Andrea Juillerat-Olvera, Reno, NV.

Even the smallest amount of Feldenkrais has a huge positive effect on my riding. My horse notices it right away and of course, so do I! -Deborah Young, Equestrian, Reno NV

I have been dealing with severe thoracic outlet syndrome for the past year that has affected my job as well as my personal life. In an attempt to avoid surgery, my specialist suggested Feldenkrais classes. After attending my first two classes I saw significant improvement in my pain for the first time. Because of this success, I also began functional integration lessons. I can honestly say that I have a different outlook on what pain is and how I can influence it. Before integrating Feldenkrais awareness into my life I felt helpless, with my health outcome dependent on someone else. I now feel I can directly influence my health outcomes.  -Brielle B., PhD Candidate Neuroscience, UNR NV

I feel so much better now with Feldenkrais classes and functional integration lessons! I am active and busy again!  Carole is a devoted healer and teacher.   -MA, Carson City, NV

Feldenkrais classes began as my antidote to chronic shoulder and neck pain. After years of physical therapy and visits to doctors, Feldenkrais classes gave me the tools to become more aware of my physical self, the interactions of my mind and body, and the pain eased, too. Carole is a great teacher and guide. -Karen Ceppos, Reno, NV

Feldenkrais is an amazing technique that creates a mind-body connection. The movements are very simple and often times incredibly relaxing. Before starting the classes, I had chronic pain in my shoulder with limited range of motion. After attending 8 weekly classes my shoulder is almost back to normal. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to take these classes.    -Darlene Monroe, Recreational Therapist, Reno, NV

Personally, I'm feeling so much better taking your classes that I've become very active and busy.  Feldenkrais needs to be part of my better health program. We all receive such healing from such a devoted teacher.  -MA, Carson City, NV 

I attended my first Feldenkrais workshop as a curiosity, to give it a try. I've continued to attend the class regularly since August 2009, and have followed the class to a different venue. I am becoming better aware of my inner workings. I continue the classes because I enjoy the greater sense of self-awareness and wish to continue the awakening I am experiencing through the Feldenkrais classes.    -Dave H., Reno, NV

The Feldenkrais method has made a wonderful difference in my life. My lower back was surgically fused 20 yrs ago, leaving me with a left leg longer than the right. After one Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson, my body made internal adjustments and I began walking more effortlessly, without having to concentrate in the way I had for 2 decades. And Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes have made my downhill skiing enjoyable again. No more back pain or sore muscles, since my upper body, hips and knees have become more flexible. My whole body has learned to move instinctively, with greater efficiency and ease, even though I am past 70. As an artist, I can work more comfortably for longer periods, with better results.    -Renate Neumann, Fine Artist, Reno, NV

I am a medical doctor and have been using the Feldenkrais Method personally for one year. I have attended classes and 2 workshops; while not having in depth understanding of the Feldenkrais method, I have found the lessons very beneficial. The success of this technique lies in the fact that it works from inside to out, and from the bottom up. In other words the awareness starts at an internal level (proprioceptors in the muscle cells, joints, tendons, inner ear) and feeds back to the central nervous system/brain via the spinal cord. It thus bypasses some of the conscious awareness of movement, making it easier to progress--whether one is recovering from severe injuries, a stroke or trying to progress as a trained athlete. It eliminates the intellectual defense that often interferes with recovery and/or reaching higher levels of skill.
For myself, I struggle with severe arthritis and soft tissue injuries from 2 major motor vehicle accidents. Despite this, the Awareness Through Movement techniques in Feldenkrais classes and personal sessions, allow me to develop improved range of motion, increased flexibility, more energy, improved posture and a decrease in pain via retraining of my movements. The technique requires slow, small movements and is against inducing pain of any kind. Due to vast integration of eye and contralateral movements, the Feldenkrais curriculum/sessions stimulate right and left brain hemisphere integration, visual pathway feedback, etc. This is ultimately how the improved awareness arises. In short, the method utilizes our intuitive capacity to induce change, a quality we have all lost in our high tech, fast paced world.
It is truly an asset to now have 2 fully trained Feldenkrais instructors in the Reno, NV area. I thus hope more people take advantage of this opportunity. Even a once monthly attendance could prove beneficial.  -AM Waldron, MD, Physician

National and International Testimonies:

Feldenkrais represents a revolution in human health. - Smithsonian Magazine

"This is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function."  -Margaret Mead, Ph.D., Anthropologist

"Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself."
-Karl Pribram, M.D. Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Sciences, Georgetown University

Dr Moshe Feldenkrais' method will be of great benefit to all of humanity. From my own experience I know the remarkable results achieved. - David Ben-Gurion, First. Prime Minister of Israel

The Feldenkrais exercises are ingenious. - Yehudi Menuhin, Famed Violinist

"The Feldenkrais Method has shown me how to balance my body and improve my flexibility." -Chris Dudley, Player, New York Knicks

“The Feldenkrais Method has allowed me to play pain free golf, without worrying about injury.”  -Duffy Waldorf, PGA Tour Golfer

Other well-known advocates of The Feldenkrais Method include tennis champion Martina Navratilova, famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, basketball legend Julius Irving (Dr. J), comedian and golfer, Cheech Marin, actresses Whoopie Goldberg, Renee Russo, and Frances Fischer, and many more.