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Thursday, December 29, 2016


2017 already looks like a challenging year, doesn't it? 

  • To be your healthiest, with energy and groundedness, to move and feel well, please join me for Feldenkrais Awareness Through classes next week.
  • Doing this with commitment will prepare your body and brain for everything you need to do -- with better alignment, balance, comfort, more vitality and self confidence.

TUESDAY, January 3, at 10 am at 600 S. Center St., Reno
THURSDAY, January 5, at 6 pm at the Reno Buddhist Center,
820 Plumas at Taylor Streets, Reno  

SATURDAY, January 7th, at 3 pm at 600 S. Center St., Reno

Contact me directly for handouts and information if you are coming to class for the first time.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Feldenkrais Awareness Thru Movement Class Photos at the Reno Buddhist Center and at 600 S. Center St., Reno

You can begin classes any time. Everyone works at their own level, at their own pace. The objective is to begin to learn what that is, what my body can easily do, where there are impediments or where I need to modify a movement or even visualize. The more we learn about our movement patterns from the inside out, the greater the improvement in range of movement, comfort, stability, and efficiency in everything we do, including thought and creativity.

Personal input from students - why we do Feldenkrais

DENISE SHEEHAN, Conscious Evolution Coach, Reiki Master, Shaman and Teacher of Shamans at Sage Spirit Coaching and Reiki, Reno, NV:
"Getting grounded and consciously embodied with Carole Bucher's amazing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes! Carole's gifts seem like the sweetest nurturing to all aspects of my being and I am always excited to go home and practice what I learn."

 in Recovery from Cancer, Reno, NV:
"Feldenkrais Functional Integration has had a profound effect on my life in general and over the last 6 months very specifically.  After battling breast cancer, surgery and radiation treatment, Feldenkrais has added quality and balance to my physical well being, my sense of self, my perception of my body in space and how I sense my environment around me, at a deep level. Feldenkrais classes added much to my healing experience and continue to enhance my daily life through slow, defined movement and increased sensory awareness.  I would not be this far along in my healing journey if not for Carole, her Feldenkrais expertise and her amazing understanding of the human body and spirit." 

JANET MELANDER, Civil/Environmental Engineer, Gardnerville, NV: 
"I wanted to tell you I've been taking yoga classes for about a month now, which I hadn't done in about five years.  It's totally different than any other yoga class I've ever taken, because now with Feldenkrais knowledge, when they say "listen to your body" and "only do what you think is comfortable" (which they ALWAYS say, and I would still try to do outlandish things and injure myself), NOW I just do what I want, what my body tells me is ok. I know what it means to listen to my body! I still have to remind myself not to do uncomfortable things, it's that peer pressure of people all around you trying to do headstands or whatever. Because of Feldenkrais I wanted to experiment with yoga again, and so far it's working, even with just standard gym yoga! Feldenkrais is so awesome!!"

Equestrian, Landscape Architecture, Animal Lover, Reno, NV:

"By the way, Carole, your flexible chest class last Saturday was great!! I felt like it increased my lung capacity like I haven't felt in a very long time. Thank you!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Feldenkrais Classes Begin January 5, 7, and 9

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Classes begin this week, in the same schedule, place and on the same days as last year.  I look forward to seeing you on the floor! Don't forget to contact me in advance if you are coming to your first class. Detailed Schedule is in the right hand side bar.

Best wishes,