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Thursday, December 29, 2016


2017 already looks like a challenging year, doesn't it? 

  • To be your healthiest, with energy and groundedness, to move and feel well, please join me for Feldenkrais Awareness Through classes next week.
  • Doing this with commitment will prepare your body and brain for everything you need to do -- with better alignment, balance, comfort, more vitality and self confidence.

TUESDAY, January 3, at 10 am at 600 S. Center St., Reno
THURSDAY, January 5, at 6 pm at the Reno Buddhist Center,
820 Plumas at Taylor Streets, Reno  

SATURDAY, January 7th, at 3 pm at 600 S. Center St., Reno

Contact me directly for handouts and information if you are coming to class for the first time.