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How is The Feldenkrais Method® Different Than Yoga, T'ai Chi or Pilates?

Generally speaking, we do not feel or sense our bodies unless we experience discomfort or are in pain.  Our attempts to improve our performance in sports and other physical activities occur with no basic understanding of the need to improve our sensory skills before real change can take place in our performance. 

The Feldenkrais Method focuses on function rather than form, to improve our movement and self image through increased self awareness. This occurs by obtaining direct feedback from our bodies as we explore non-habitual movement sequences that deepen our connections with our nervous systems.

HOW we perform the Feldenkrais movement sequences is dictated by our bodies and our condition, not by an external form as in yoga or T'ai Chi; nor is the method directed to developing an ideal body shape or type. Thus the form of any movement will vary for each student, depending on his/her body and history. 

Rediscovering and improving our function means a much greater sense of potency and wellbeing, at any age and in any physical condition.

More about Awareness Through Movement Lessons: 
There are thousands of Awareness Through Movement lessons, each one differing in focus and effect.  Lessons are often organized around a functional theme or action.  They cover a wide range of everyday human functions and activities, including ones that relate to specific sports such as skiing, golf or performaning arts.

Components of every movement are non-habitual, meaning that as we follow the sequences, our nervous systems pay attention to what is new, and our conscious effort connects at a deeper, unconscious level. It is from such a place that real change develops.

The learning from each lesson is generalized, so all lessons create improvements in awareness, comfort, flexibility, range of motion, attention, breathing, quality and ease of movement – benefits which are applied to all of our activities, without our having to think about it.

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