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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What is the Feldenkrais Method®?
At its most basic level, the Feldenkrais Method will improve your posture, balance, coordination and flexibility, making it possible for you to work and play more comfortably and productively for longer periods. You will feel stronger and "better in your own skin," as Dr. Andrew Weil says.

"Feldenkrais alleviates pain and tension by minimizing physiological and psychological stress associated with restricted functions. Inefficient patterns of movement can be improved; compromised self-expression and forgotten ways of feeling can be recovered. Ordinary problems associated with the work place or caused by injury, repetitive activities, and aging can be remedied." (Feldenkrais Inst of NY)

The structured, non-habitual movement sequences done in Awareness Through Movement® classes and individual, one on one, Functional Integration® lessons can improve your comfort, expand your activities and lengthen your work life, at nearly any age and condition.
Improved efficiency means more enjoyment and pleasure in your daily life. Persons with orthopedic or neurological problems can experience dramatic change. Athletes, actors, dancers and musicians can substantially improve their performance with the Feldenkrais Method.”