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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reno Feldenkrais and EQuus Insight (Equine Therapy, Equine Guided Learning)

Feldenkrais and Equine therapies are a powerful combination. On Weds, at EQuus Insight, we work with incarcerated teen boys, a program Melinda has been offering for 10 yrs. I joined and brought in Feldenkrais work 6 months ago. Today a wonderful boy (actually they are all wonderful in their own ways) graduated from the 3 yr program and we were so moved by his progress, his new sense of himself, his prospects, hope. But most of all, we felt our caring and concern for him upon his departure, worried for his future. It was a very touching day; the animals felt it too, as they participated in his Hero's Journey. He rode a horse through the last sequence, and there were many metaphors to study. We also had 2 visitors yesterday, caring, kind and involved horse and body awareness folk, who added to the high energy of the day.