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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson Jan. 21-25


This week's Feldenkrais lesson is a slow, lengthening, comfortable, large rolling lesson that is also rib opening, shoulder loosening, hip integrating. It feels FABULOUS, balances the whole skeleton and relieves pain. The lesson is a child development lesson that brings movement and center of gravity in the direction of the pelvis. The rolling comes at the end and is very gentle. 
We had a wonderful class this morning and look forward to seeing students Thursday and Saturday! If you are coming to your first class, please contact me and come 15 minutes early.  Bring a comforter/blanket, water and wear layers. This lesson will give you a great feeling of what movement was when we were younger, more free and unselfconscious.

Class Schedule:  
Tues at Midtown Fitness 10 am; Thurs at Reno Buddhist Center 5:30 pm;  and Saturday at Midtown Fitness 3 pm, in addition to Sunday's Sold out Pelvic Floor workshop.