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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class this week at 250 Bell St., Reno

Relieving shoulder and rib pain by freeing the movement of your shoulders, ribs and spine, and balancing your pelvis and legs too. 

These are really fun photos of our Tuesday Noon Awareness Through Movement class at 250 Bell St. this week. 

The lesson is called Candle-holder arms (Chanukia) and has a wonderful, whole body effect. It literally reorganizes the chest around the shoulders, which permits the shoulders to move far more freely and to be much more comfortable.

Shoulder pain can come from so many different causes, directions, overuse. This lesson gives you tools to use to help feel yourself more sensitively and then to apply this knowledge in a second nature way to improve your alignment,  movement and comfort.

Please contact me using the form above in the upper right hand corner, if you want more information and would like to come to a class. You may start at any time but please contact me first and I will send you the class handout and answer questions you may have.  Looking forward to seeing you!