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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pelvic floor class starts Apr 24 at the Reno Buddhist Center.

UPDATE:  The 6 wk Pelvic Floor Class Starts this Thursday, April 24, at 4 pm.

We improvised and came up with this new start date that worked for more people, me included. If you still want to sign up, just come at 3:45 this Thursday and that will be fine.

The nature of this class is that you get a really good understanding of what and how to do the lessons, so that you can do them at home successfully at the end of the 6 weeks. The effort may be life-long, but the work can be done at home, in your car, in the grocery line, in a movie and so on!  Success means renewed capacity, and you will get that from this class.

Doing the work will help the usual issues, plus low back pain, spinal conditions, scoliosis, hip joint pain, pre or post hip replacement, etc.  I will also teach you how to sit comfortably and update your self use!  If you have questions, contact me via the upper right hand corner contact form, or via

See you Thursday!