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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Subtle Movement of Breath in the Body

Sensing and Breathing

This week's Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lesson is a quiet exploration of the subtle movements of breath in the body. We begin to see and feel how our breath supports and connects to other movement functions as we discover each small and delicate response to breathing in and out. The movement sequence is done on the back, front, lying on both sides, and in sitting.  The results include an easier and more spacious sense of breathing in the chest, lungs, and torso, much more movement in the ribs and shoulder girdle and a feeling of lightness in the whole body.
This is an exquisite example of the way in which work with our attention to via the simple organic movements of our bodies creates a deep grounding with life and joy.  It is a derivation of Lesson 4 by Dr. Feldenkrais in his book, 'Awareness Through Movement.'
See the Class Schedule in the Right Side Bar for details of times and places.  
This lovely photo is from Anatomy in Motion.