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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pelvic Floor Workshop, Midtown Fitness, Dec. 29 - SOLD OUT

Who Benefits From Pelvic Floor Work?

Working with the pelvic floor system can greatly help people who have issues with SCOLIOSIS, BALANCE, BREATHING, pelvic pain, ED and other subtle, but critical functions that follow pelvic surgeries, injury, hip replacement, in addition to UROGENITAL FUNCTION, in both men and women. Working with the pelvic floor also provides a very refined sense of pelvic balance for athletes, dancers and equestrians.

The pelvic floor sits at the base of the pelvis and includes external muscles running from the pubic bone to the tailbone and between the two ischial tuberosities known as the seat bones (also sitz bones, sitting bones, etc.).  Inside the pelvis a large bowl shaped muscular compartment holds the pelvic organs, and includes fascia that support organs within the .  In addition, muscles running from the pelvis up into the lower spine and down into the hip joints work together to balance, support and extend the function of the pelvic floor system. Using Feldenkrais movements as a foundation for pelvic movement, we will access all parts of the pelvic floor system

The importance of moving from the pelvis, using it as the focus of movement initiation and support for the rest of the body cannot be overstated.  We want mobility and responsiveness in the pelvic region which allows the body above and below to function with much more stability, effectiveness and finesse.

The workshop is based on the work of renowned Feldenkrais practitioner and EPT, Deborah Bowes.  I took an advanced training in Feldenkrais Pelvic Floor work in San Francisco in June of 2011. This advanced training segment covered Deborah's decades long pelvic floor work and detailed research into the structure, function and relationship to the rest of the body. Deborah has since completed her doctoral degree in physical therapy based on her Feldenkrais pelvic floor work.  An interview with her about this work is available here: