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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Learning a SEATED TROT

I know what a SEATED TROT is now!

I have listened to my Feldenkrais colleague Heather Beachum talk about the seated trot for sometime now.  I didn't realize until today that seated isn't a simple descriptive device.  Suddenly many things came together in my understand. And why?  Well I had never really experienced being seated before.  This is what I wrote about the experience, before I got what 'seated' meant.  

The real riding part of my riding lesson yesterday with Rebekka Rhodes was thrilling (again). I AM finding my seat in a bareback trot! Finding how to use my upper and legs and pelvis in a more controlled way - not just balance. It did come back and it got better. Rebekka didn't know, but i went and rode the little wooden rocking horse for a few minutes before starting, to find my back in riding back, and the movement of the hips. 
Then Rebekka helped me find the control of this seat, learning clearly today which part of my legs to use on the horse where, in what way so that I communicate gently and clearly with my horse, and how to follow and feel both of us in movement.
And just like Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM), as i discover this, working intuitively and with my attention and body, I really am able to learn new things, at a new level. I wish i could figure out how to fit a second weekly lesson in. Yesterday was terribly, fabulously wonderful!  Stay tuned for more revelatory Feldenkrais and horse related experiences.  At some point before too long, I plan to do some specifically equestrian Awareness Through Movement classes or workshops in Reno.  My ongoing schedule is still the same as it has been for over a year, and you will find it to the right, in the side bar.