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Monday, November 19, 2012

How Feldenkrais works and why it will work for you:

Our bodies are truly remarkable instruments, sensitive and responsive, and surprisingly easy to influence with our minds. Our systems actually desire and move toward balance and healing from within, and are capable of continuous learning and changing. This is true at every age, and in just about any condition, when we support this action in natural and simple ways.

So it is odd, really, how effective we are at using our minds negatively, to undermine our potential, instead of using this power in a positive way. We become expert at disrupting our natural abilities to find balance and potency,  and choose instead, to use our natural gifts to dis-empower ourselves! Think how we use our imagination to scare ourselves, causing us to 'choke' under pressure, dread the future, worry endlessly, creating stress, or even worse, making ourselves sick.

Doing Feldenkrais counteracts this negative tendency by bringing our attention deep inside  our body to the skeletal level.  We begin to find and sense the deepest and most supportive structures of ourselves.  And as we slowly engage in doing simple, though highly structured non-habitual movements, and follow them with our minds (to whatever extent we can), the effort itself, reestablishes a deep connection of support at the level of our nervous systems.  We begin to find something new: a wonderful feeling of empowerment, flexibility and support that comes from reconnecting and relearning about ourselves at this deep subconscious level.  How we move and feel improves almost immediately.

Thus rather than trying to change how we think about ourselves, we 'feel' ourselves into change, as we study and explore movement in our bodies in a slow and deliberate, focused way.  This study produces a change in our inner connection with ourselves, and opens the door to a new understanding internally. We begin to feel and see how our movement patterns and habits get in our way and where we can look in ourselves to find real improvement.

We become intuitively able to use our bodies differently, more potently and much more supportively. We begin to know where we are in space, with our feet on the ground, and our spines more naturally erect.  We are able to sense and let go of tensions and 'mindless muscular movement' that wear out our joints and cause injury and accident.

Dr. Feldenkrais developed this method to restore his own movement and function following crippling injuries to knee and arm. And it is just this same ability to refine and improve the connections between our bodies and brains that bring elite athletes and performers to the Feldenkrais method -- people who desire to obtain a higher level of performance or gain a critical, competitive edge.

The transformation that this 'sensing' knowledge and 'movement' learning can unlock in us, consciously and subconsciously, is life changing.  It naturally relieves physical and mental tensions, and reconnects us with our healing and balancing capacities.  We genuinely feel better as we move more comfortably and efficiently; we are more stable and graceful, and can engage in all our activities more effectively. And we already have everything we need to begin -- our bodies and our minds.

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The picture shows a Saturday class at ACHIEVE Fitness, in Reno.