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Monday, November 12, 2012

Great scoliosis, hip, shoulder, and back Class this week.

Because of its powerful effects on scoliosis, hips/pelvis, back and shoulders, I am giving this lesson again this week.  You can take it at the ACHIEVE Fitness 10 am class TUES, or 3 pm SATURDAY; or at the Reno Buddhist Center on THURS at 5:30 pm.

If it is your first ATM class, pls come 15-20 mins early.

This week's Awareness Through Movement lesson is a BEAUTIFUL LENGTHENING, VERTICALIZING study -- #5 from Chava Shelav, Ph.D. Feldy. Side lying, it is especially good for balancing the pelvis and moving ribs and spine, thus helps scoliosis, breathing and helps reduce tension and pain in all parts of the back and hips. It also opens the shoulder joints and chest as the arms move outward away from the torso, and circle. It is comforting, strengthening and healing, has very positive and immediate benefits. Please join me.