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Saturday, October 27, 2012


I will begin a new Pelvic Floor Series next Thursday, November 1, at 4 pm, Reno Buddhist Center.
It will continue with the pelvic floor work done in previous sessions.  If you are new to Feldenkrais, you must contact me on facebook or by email at, and come 20 minutes or more early to the first class.

Pelvic Floor work can greatly help people who have issues with SCOLIOSIS, BALANCE, BREATHING and other subtle, but critical functions that follow pelvic surgeries, injury, hip replacement, in addition to UROGENITAL FUNCTION in both men and women.  Working with the pelvic floor also provides a very refined sense of pelvic balance for athletes, dancers and equestrians.

The class is based on the work of renowned Feldenkrais practitioner and EPT, Deborah Bowes.  I took an advanced training in Feldenkrais Pelvic Floor work in San Francisco last June, which covered her her decades long pelvic floor work and research. Deborah has since completed her doctoral degree in physical therapy based on her Feldenkrais pelvic floor work.  An interview with her about this work is available here: