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Saturday, October 20, 2012


THIS WEEK's WONDERFUL Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement (ATM)® Lesson - Sensitizing your fingers, hands, arms, while moving hips and shoulders (with a little rolling at the end!)

A back- and side-lying Awareness Through Movement lesson especially helpful for people who work with their hands, including riders, artists, musicians, AND for people with scoliosis and any pelvic or skeletal imbalance or issue. AND for everyone else too!

The lesson involves 2 parts
1) softening the USE OF FINGERS, HANDS, ARMS, as you explore face, neck, sternum, clavicle and shoulder structure, and 2) SEPARATING AND FREEING MOVEMENT IN HIP JOINTS while tracking effects on legs, back and shoulders (and of course ribs and spine) and keeping hands, jaw, etc. very soft and relaxed.

Most people tend to use more force than needed for practically every task. This lesson helps us learn to modulate force in the hands especially, by internal sensing. Sensing in this way helps us to keep from tensing our hands and jaws as we move other parts of ourselves that aren't being helped by this tension. IT SAVES OUR JOINTS!

The lesson increases sensitivity in our hands while improving flexibility in shoulders/hips/spine. It is a lovely lesson from Cliff Smythe, one of the incredible Australian Feldenkrais trainers. He is partners with Deborah Bowes, the SF Feldenkrais Pelvic Floor guru I studied with in San Francisco this year.