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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Class locations - Tues and Sat Feldenkrais classes are moving to 250 Bell St., July 8.

CRITICAL FELDY CLASS NEWS -- Announcing the new Reno Feldenkrais class location for my Tues and Sat. classes, at 250 Bell St., Reno. This location is the home of Cathexes, a premier Reno architectural firm actively involved in community events in the Reno-Tahoe and northern Nevada area and in the renovation of downtown Reno.

Please note -- The new times for the Tues. and Sat. classes are as follows: 
(1) On Sat. July 8, my Sat. Feldenkrais class moves to 250 Bell St. The new Saturday class time is 10 am. 

(2) On Tues. July 11, my Tues. class moves to 250 Bell St. too. The new Tuesday class time is 12 noon.

(3) Please note: my Thursday 6 pm class at the Reno Buddhist Center (RBC), 820 Plumas -- IS NOT CHANGING.
An email announcement with more information will be coming. Just remember the new dates and times for the Tuesday and Saturday classes!