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Friday, July 24, 2015

Feldenkrais Method for Actors and Performers

A special Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class at the Reno Buddhist Center with Reno's own Merry War Theatre Group.  

Actors and performers of all kinds (classical Shakespeare, improvisational, you name it) have long used the Feldenkrais Method to assist them in the development of greater internal sensitivity, opening of self (body and nervous system, emotions), reorganization of the body into better, more aligned physical movement, gestural nuance, and the like.  You can google Peter Brook and/or Andrew Dawson for some examples.

It was with great pleasure that I did class with a group of 15 talented and wonderful, spirited actors recently, at the Reno Buddhist Center, the Merry War Theatre Group, a group organized and lead by Chase McKenna (including Alex Slater, Lainey Henderson, Megan Fielder, Regina Powers, Sophie Moeller, Jon Lutz, Cameron M. Shirey, Cassandra Michelle Moore, Chadaeos Clarno, Owen Bryant, Bernadette Garcia).

Feldenkrais means that one can enter the magical realm of going beyond one's habitual movement patterns. Here one finds internal and external changes of many wonderful kinds:  clear, solid connection with one's skeleton, improved aligned, hugely different self awareness and feeling of openness and possibility -- new sensations that can lead to epiphanies, personal breakthroughs, change in one's relationship to self and to the world, and for actors, the critical capacity to neutralize one's own posture and allow the characteristics, movement and feeling of another being to be taken in and adopted authentically, thus presented to the world believably.

Here are a few pictures from our class, during and after. I am sorry I did not take more, but was very involved in the process of teaching and being with my class on my own deep level, an activity from which I derive enormous personal calm, centeredness, and meaningful connection. I went through the long training to become a Feldenkrais teacher because the work provides so many enriching elements to me personally, and helps me to feel infinitely better and more well organized in my body while developing more capacity as a human being.

If you would like more information about classes or private lessons, please contact me via the links in the upper right hand corner of this page, and see the class schedule below those links.