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Monday, July 7, 2014

Improve bending, rotation, movement of spine, shoulders, hips!

This week's Reno Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class:

Our focus this week is to improve your side-bending in various positions, working on the side flexors, improving your connection to, awareness of and range of movement in your ribs, shoulders, hips and spine. All our movement, of course, done in the mindful, attentive and slow language of Feldenkrais that your nervous system understands.

Sound like a lot?  It is!  And it is important. We use side bending in all of our rotation, for example, turning to look behind us walking or sitting, while driving our car, while riding horses. Rotation is critical in our being comfortable while we sit at our desks, in a movie, even at dinner.
With better side flexion, we can recover and maintain a healthy, powerful pelvis to support our important daily activities and the wonderful things we love to do -- from long, leisurely summer evening walks, to hiking, kayaking, equestrian activities, GOLF, or tennis -- just about everything you do.

If you have questions about Awareness Through Movement® or Functional Integration® or classes and private lessons, please contact me using the form in the upper right hand corner of this blog.  Be sure scroll down the page and watch the youtube video clips about the Feldenkrais Method® on the right side bar if you haven't seen them before.

Classes are held every week in Reno on Tues mornings 10 am, Thurs. evening, 5:30, and Saturday afternoons at 3 pm.  See my schedule on the right side bar for details.  Comfortable, efficient movement is within your reach!