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Monday, September 10, 2012

Feldenkrais Class Updates Fall 2012

AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT® classes Week of Sept. 7-14,
ACHIEVE Fitness and RBC: 

Because it is such an important lesson and many people missed it last week, we are repeating the wonderful, foundational Mark Reese lesson from from 'Moving Out of Pain.' The lesson gently addresses differentiating movement in the legs, pelvis and chest; freeing, clarifying and integrating movement in each of these areas. You will feel changes in shoulders, chest, pelvis and overall posture.  The lesson also lengthens the spine and opens the ribs.

Starting A NEW PELVIC FLOOR CLASS, based on Deborah Bowes cutting edge pelvic floor system work, on Thursday Sept. 13 at the Reno Buddhist Center. This class is excellent for SCOLIOSIS as well as all pelvic floor system issues, including breathing and balance.

Contact me at for more information or if you have questions.