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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MINDFUL GARDENING yields great results

PAIN-FREE GARDENING?  You can do it!

Here are some important 'COMFORTABLE GARDENING' tips from Reno Feldenkrais:

(1)  Always keep some attention on your body so that you don't forget about yourself and hurt yourself unconsciously; 
(2)  CHANGE POSITIONS frequently if you feel uncomfortable or if you feel pain;  
(3) Use your whole body to support weed pulling and other tasks, working at an angle or from the side, not straight down in front of you; 
(4) Bend from the knees and hips, not from your lower spine; 
(5)  Being more mindful as you tend your beautiful garden will save you pain and give you pleasure.  AND you will reap the rewards in your well-being!
(6) If you want to learn more about how to move more comfortably, with greater stability, grace and with less pain, contact me at 775-240-7882 or about classes or private lessons.