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Friday, February 10, 2012

2nd SCOLIOSIS WORKSHOP, A different perspective


How we use our bodies in our daily activities, sport and in workouts exerts a significant influence on our skeletons and bone remodeling (bone build up and breakdown), per Wolff's law.  This means that the forces traveling through our skeletons as we move (or don't move) affect the shape and structure of our bones at a minute but powerful level.  This is seen most easily in athletes whose bones are actually larger in the parts of their anatomy most affected by their sport.

If we move and use ourselves more mindfully, intelligently and with more efficiency and comfort, the effects can be very wide reaching indeed.  This is of particular importance to people who have structural irregularities, chronic pain, or limited movement, including scoliosis.

Thus, we can --and do-- whether intentionally or not, affect the integrity and comfort of our bodies. We have the capacity and power to do this in a positive way, but it requires working with attention and intention.  If you are interested in rediscovering yourself in this way, I invite you to join us for a workshop or class.  The next Scoliosis workshop is May 20. Best wishes, Carole Bucher, 2012