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Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi Everyone!

We seem to feel our aches, pains and physical issues more, when the weather is cold or changeable, so stability and balance are even more important to us when the ground is wet or icy.  Who hasn't taken a tumble from stepping on an unseen slippery place during winter?

To support better balance and to relieve wintery aches and pains, Feldenkrais will help you keep your feet on the ground in comfort and stability.  Dr. Feldenkrais' primary focus was to create lessons that teach to us bring more of ourselves into our conscious brain map, thereby connecting to ourselves more fully.  In this way, your body is more able to call upon its own natural internal intelligence in all the movements you undertake.

This improved connection with your internal body intelligence will have a positive influence on all your activities!
  • In yoga classes and fitness training
  • walking the dog, or going up or down stairs
  • skiing and other winter sports
  • or going out for the mail, getting in or out of your car!
And as your range of movement and stability improve, aches and pains lessen; tension releases, feeling returns and a sense of comfort develops, no matter what your age or condition.

Note that 'no matter what your age and condition' is a key Feldenkrais concept and I will say more about it soon.  The point is, you can optimize how you feel and move, whether you are 20 or 80 yrs old; whether you are a professional athlete or using a walker.  Each of us can find movement that is more comfortable and efficient, when we are are more fully present in our bodies, instead of dissociated from our physical conditions.  This is what Feldenkrais teaches and I invite you to explore for yourself what this can mean for you. 

Classes will be going all winter:
It's a good opportunity to take time for yourself, make feeling better a personal priority.  It can give you more energy and capacity to do the things you love.  Maps and complete schedules are in the left side bar.  Check often for Holiday schedule updates.
Meanwhile, stay warm and feel well!
Best wishes,