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Friday, July 12, 2019

Freeing and organizing the whole body with a flexible chest - this week's lesson

One more opportunity to take this particularly wonderful lesson! Come tomorrow (Saturday July 13) at 10 am, upstairs at the Gerber Medical Clinic, 1225 Westfield Ave., near Reno High School.  Use the East entrance near Booth St. 

This 'whole body' lesson is part of the 'Flexible Chest' series by San Francisco Feldy Arlyn Zones, who was, by the way, the Educational Director in my Feldenkrais training. the lesson is entitled 'Circles with the Knees'.  

I chose the lesson because it is an excellent way to get all your parts moving in preparation for the wonderful wonderful 'walking backward' lesson that I will be teaching next week, TUES-SAT.  

This week's lesson focuses on moving the feet, ankles, knees, and hips (and upper body as well) in sitting, and then doing something related and similar, but different, as you lie on your stomach.  The overall effect is indeed a reorganization of the whole body.  

I hope you can join us tomorrow. If you are coming to your first class, please contact me (use the contact form on this page) and come 15 minutes early.  I will send you the class handout tonight. 

Meanwhile, here is a tiny snippet of the lesson. 

Best regards, 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® class + farmers' market on Saturdays!

We had such a delightful class this 4th of July weekend Saturday. The cool thing about Saturday is the large, adjacent farmers' market in the CVS Shopping Center off California and Booth. Very easy and agreeable to combine the two healthy events!

Because it was a holiday week, I experimented with a different concept. I gave 4 short lessons, oriented to improving range of movement and comfort in the hip, leg, knee, ankle and foot, including one squat exploration.

All lessons (true in every Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class, of course) are accessible/appropriate to and for everyone, because everyone does only what they can easily do. This includes your decision to do it in your imagination, if that is what feels right to you.

This range of possibility and exploration are SELF-discovery -- this updates your brain map with real-time data and it establishes the pathway to your self-awareness and movement improvement. AND it also opens doors to physical, mental and emotional flow and freedom, creativity and better relationship with the world around you.

Everyone is welcome in any class. You don't need to be a Gerber patient on TUES and SAT, nor do you need to be a member of the Buddhist community on Thurs. Just kindly contact me first to connect and talk, if you wish, and to get the class handout.

You can use the contact form on my website most easily.

Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Feldenkrais Body Awareness and Movement Will Improve Your Life

MOVING BEYOND MEDIOCRE ~ Developing your power from the inside out

Healthy Beginnings Magazine

How body awareness and movement can improve your life.

Our bodies are amazingly intelligent, strong and resilient — almost certainly the most complex and extraordinary device that we’ll ever own. Yet most people are unconscious of the body’s remarkable qualities and don’t know how to access or develop them. Being disconnected from innate bodily strengths can interfere with fulfilling one’s potential and can affect the choices one makes in life. So how can we turn this dilemma around?
skel awareness thru movement Paul Wo
Photo by Paul Pui Wo Lee, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Dancer

In his most famous book about movement and human development, Awareness Through Movement1, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais describes how one’s development can be stymied by, “coercive and repressive educational practices” that can undermine our individuality and motivation. People learn, at least in the short term, to be satisfied with external approval and stop moving toward their personal dreams and desires. Uninspired effort can become the acceptable norm in relationships, business, and education. Add to this being disconnected from our physical selves — meaning we live in our heads and not our bodies — and the recipe for modern existential angst appears. We don’t question our perceptions; we lose self-confidence and spontaneity, and the natural human sense of freedom and joy begins to disappear.

“If we feel awkward, dull, or somehow shameful, we will behave in an awkward, dull and shamed manner. Feeling free and uninhibited, we will behave spontaneously.”

When the demands of life get harder or more complicated, stress, self-doubt and physical, mental, and emotional overload can result. We become more fearful and lose the ability to function effectively in high-pressure situations. Employers everywhere have to deal with this by finding ways to motivate and empower their employees to higher levels of confidence, creativity, and performance. And this is exactly the place where one’s physical body, the skeleton in particular, comes strongly into play as our best resource.
With 206 living bones that perform some surprising and crucial life-support tasks, the healthy adult skeleton is the foundation of our health. These tasks include:
1.The structure and support of bodily movement;
2.Protecting key organs in the skull, chest, and pelvis;
3.Manufacturing blood;
4.Assisting metabolic functions via pH balance;
5.Storage and release of various essential fatty acids, minerals and hormones;
6.Absorbing and storing toxins and heavy metals from the blood (detoxifying).
When the skeleton is well-aligned it does two other really important things:
A) It provides bodily support with virtually no energy expenditure. Imagine how well-stacked blocks resist the force of gravity. When bones are aligned, they support in the same way, with almost no muscular effort. When you stand with knees straight, the femur stacked above the tibia, the downward force of gravity is counteracted with minimal muscular effort, like the blocks. Should the knee bend… a great effort by the thigh muscles must be applied to prevent falling.
B) It transfers upward and downward forces through the body, creating directional force and power. Think about lifting carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment in an airplane. Your feet and legs generate power from below: the lower legs extend and push into the femurs, which push the pelvis up into the spine and shoulders, and move and lift the arms upward and under your luggage, powering it into the compartment.
This reorganizational support of skeletal work and power is very different than laboring to build stronger muscles or lose weight to change one’s shape to some subjective ideal.
At the deepest level, the skeleton plays a central role in our health and wellbeing by generating a sense of grounded support and optimum, dependable functioning in the whole system. We are able to tap into the strength of our bony structure, where a higher level of performance (thinking, feeling, moving, and acting) can take root and flourish. When body- and self-awareness improve, one’s movement and actions become stronger, more efficient, and comfortable too.

This linkage creates a deep sense of safety and self-confidence at the core of our being, unlike anything else. It improves our posture and our moods and can liberate our mind, heart, body, and spirit.

For information about The Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness Through Movement® classes and Functional Integration® lessons, please visit and use the contact form at
--Feldenkrais, Moshe, Ed.D., Awareness Through Movement, Harper San Francisco, 1972.
--Verin, Layna. The Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais: Seeing Movement as the Embodiment of Intention. The Graduate Review, Section II, Body/Mind. Berkeley, June 1978., BONES: All you need to know. Jan. 11, 2018.
--Hargrove, Todd, GCFP, PT. A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain, 2015. [Feldenkrais Method]
IMG 6814
Our new home for TUES 12:30 pm and SAT 10 am classes, 1225 Westfield Ave., near Reno High.  Come early to avoid construction traffic. 

Best wishes and love,
Carole Bucher, BA, is a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais practitioner/teacher and owner of Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement and teaching ongoing Feldenkrais classes in Reno and Northern NV, since 2009.
Please visit to learn more about classes and private sessions, or to use the contact form.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

From June 4 onward, my TUES and SAT Feldenkrais classes will be at 1225 Westfield Ave., Reno

HEADS UP dear students and friends!

My Reno Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes at 250 Bell St., will be moving on June 4th to 1225 Westfield, at the Gerber Medical Center. 

It is a large, quiet and lovely space. The noon Tues class will be at 12:30, and Saturday at the usual time. I'll be posting this a number of times in the next two weeks, also here on my website, at, with more information.

Meanwhile, these photos of the upstairs entry way and the studio will give you a taste of what you will encounter.

We send love and gratitude to Susan and Don Clark, owners of Cathexes and 250 Bell St. where we spent the last nearly 2 years. We will miss you and wish you well! 

And now, looking forward, we hope to see students and new friends at 1225 Westfield Ave., the Gerber Medical Center. 

With love, 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

A short video of a Feldenkrais class and a recent recommendation from a long-term Feldenkrais student:

Below is a clip from one of my recent Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® classes at the Reno Buddhist Center. It will give you a good taste of what classes are often like. Some are more active than this, but every class includes practicing body/self-awareness before the class begins, and a little bit of work assessing and improving walking. I do this because walking well is an essential element of exercise, comfort and freedom in our lives. I invite you to experience a classes for yourself. This is the only way you'll find out if they are right for you.  And while you will experience a difference with only 1 class, it is most usual and productive to plan on 3-5 classes. I use a sliding scale for people who need it. You may use the contact form above to reach me easily or call me to discuss your situation or interest. I will send you the class handout once you do that.

And below is a recent testimonial by a long term student of mine, Kane Dutt. It too will help you get a taste of why you might wish to explore these for some people,  amazing and life changing classes. 

I highly recommend Awareness thru Movement (ATM) for anyone with chronic pain, inoperable conditions, or who are experiencing decreased mobility, range of motion or other constraints negatively affecting their quality of life. 
Between a congenital spine condition and trauma, I lived with nearly constant and often debilitating pain for decades prior to discovering Feldenkrais.  I find the Feldenkrais ATM classes to be enjoyable, educational, and most of all, effective. 
Since adopting ATM classes a part of my lifestyle, I now can direct my own healing, enjoy substantial improvements in my overall health and well being and a dramatic decrease in pain levels.
Kane Dutt, Reno, NV

Monday, April 29, 2019

Improving Shoulder and Hip Mobility - class this week

This week's lesson will focus on discovering and exploring our existing range of movement in the two major joints of the body, our shoulder and hip joints. Slowly and gently, we will introduce more appropriate movement as we learn which directions are easy, which are challenging, and will find new accessible movement options. This will improve your comfort in all four joints, as you bring your body/brain map up to date using your attention and sensation. 

The cool part of this is it is also really good for the brain, balance and stability of your limbs relative to the torso. 

Use the contact form above if you are coming to your first class and I'll send you the class handout and answer any questions. Also please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts so we can meet.

Class tomorrow at noon, 250 Bell St., the Cathexes Bldg., park in the rear lot and come in the back door. 

Thurs class is at 5 pm at the Reno Buddhist Center, 820 Plumas at Taylor St. Please enter via the Taylor St. side and come all the way to the back. 

Saturday class is 10 am, 250 Bell St.

Drop-in is $15, also 10-class card for $120, or need-based sliding scale. Full time K-12 teachers may attend for $5. Dress warmly in layers even though the weather is warmer, bring a blanket/comforter, medium towel and water. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A full body movement lesson this week, side-lying, that reorganizes your whole skeletal alignment

We are doing a great side-lying lesson this week, with lengthening and side-bending through the ribs, spine and hips. It also includes mindful work on side-flexors, hips, legs and pelvis. 

It is one of those lessons that most people really feel a really positive after. And it improves breathing. 

It is wonderful for scoliosis and shoulder issues. You'll feel a new relationship between the shoulders and hips/legs. Of course everyone works at their own level and pace, so there is no stress or strain. We do it the Feldenkrais way.
Please contact me using my contact form above if you have questions or want more information. I'll send you the class handout. 
The next classes are Thurs. 5 pm at the Reno Buddhist Center, and 10 am Saturday at 250 Bell St.  Please join us and plan on coming 15 minutes early to your first class. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

A perfect lesson for computer shoulders and neck, BC.

Class this week -- a 50 sec. video of class at the Reno Buddhist Center. A really lovely lesson that opens the chest and arm pits, expands your shoulders and ribs, as it lengthens neck, spine and torso. These movements reduce stress, improve breathing, as they integrate and coordinate the movement of the whole body, from feet to pelvis to head. 

We are doing the lesson again on Saturday at 10 am, at 250 Bell St. Park and enter in the front of the Cathexes Building. And remember, there is no Saturday class on April 6. I'll be in the Bay Area at a Feldenkrais Guild of North America function. 

Please contact me (using the form on this website, if you are coming to your first class or if you have questions.  I will write you back and send you the class handout.

Wishing you wonderful moving!


Sunday, March 24, 2019

April 6 - No Saturday 10 am Feldenkrais Class

Hi everyone, 

I will be away at a Feldenkrais Guild of North America training/meeting the 5-7th, and thus will have to cancel class on Saturday. My sincere apologies. I do wish one or more Feldenkrais teachers / practitioners would move to our area!

As an alternative, you are welcome to come to class Tues noon at 250 Bell or Thurs 5 pm at the Reno Buddhist Ctr. 

You can use the contact form on this site to let me know if you have questions. 

I am continuing an awareness focus on increasing whole body flexibility, easier movement and balance, counterbalance and general fitness/wellness. All of these  lead to pain and tension relief and, of course, better health and more comfortable, confident living.  Hope to see you soon!

Saturday 10 am class will continue at 250 Bell St., on March 30 and April 13th.  Meanwhile ...

Best wishes and love, 

Monday, March 18, 2019

A wonderful resource for calm, centered responses to daily life.

Dear Students and Friends, 

Practicing quietude, meditation and any form of self-awareness helps us to build up a better subconscious response to the physical and mental impacts of shock, large and small. 

Staying with the sensation of the body helps us ground and occupy our physical space in a way that supports better emotional and mental health. We work on this in every Feldenkrais class. Self-awareness increases your ability to stay with yourself and our wandering attention as we practice meditation.

Here, I am sharing a short video from Feldenkrais and nature, brain-body specialist, Annie Thoe, with her permission. She has many wonderful short ATMs you can do on her youtube channel. These are a great resource, especially when you aren't able to attend a Feldenkrais class, but want or need support for mental, emotional and of course, physical stability. We need such resources in the midst of the world we now live.  

Annie has this to say about her video: "This quick video has a powerful Sensory Awareness lesson based on the Feldenkrais Method® using hands to create mental and physical balance.  [Instructor Annie Thoe, Feldenkrais Practitioner demonstrates a technique using your hands with a mind-body approach to "shift" the mental space your are in to a place of better balance, calmness and serenity.]" 

Meanwhile, continue to keep your feet on the ground and stay in touch with your skeletal support so the rest of you can stabilize too.  You can use this simple exercise from last month's newsletter to help you do it, even as you stand in line waiting. No one will really notice. 

1. Stand and notice which leg and foot you stand on more. Shift your weight from foot to foot. Feel the difference.
2. Visualize the lines of your legs, from your feet to knees, to your pelvis.
3. Wiggle your toes, feel how the bones in your feet and ankles provide support for the rest of your body.
4. Notice gravity coming through the bones in your feet; practice standing with pressure on different parts of your feet. Hold onto something for stability; keep your movements small and slow.
5. Revisit these skeletal connections often and re-experience them.

Our connection as a community of learning, growing and caring people is our best resource for staying in touch with the deeper meaning of our daily lives. You may call me to discuss your situation or reach me easily via the contact form on my website. 

Hope to see you in class soon. 

Best wishes and love, Carole