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WINTER SPORTS Workshops 2010-11
SERIES #1: The Dynamics of Turning
--Getting flexible in your hips and shoulders. These lessons will teach you to move your 'parts' independently of each other with ease and skill, meaning much greater control over your movement --in skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing or walking across the room!

SERIES #2: The Essentials of Bending --Strengthening and connecting to your knees and ankles. For most of us, the relationship to our knees and ankles is weak, even remote. Yet these joints are the basis of our coordination and balance. These lessons will vitalize and strengthen your connections to your lower legs and your whole self again!

SERIES #3: Mastering Your Performance -- Balance & stability, from downhill skiing to walking. Finding and connecting to our upright balancing points is a key to developing our capacity for movement --so that we can move in any direction as needed.  You will discover balance in a way that may belife changing, on the ski slopes and in your daily life.